Bill Halverson

Legendary Producer, Engineer, Arranger

What do Crosby, Stills and Nash, Eric Clapton, The Beach Boys, Cream, Albert King, REO Speedwagon, Ravi Shankar, Keith Jarrett, The Texas Tornadoes, America, Chuck Berry, Bill Withers, Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix, Bad Company and Tom Jones have in common?

These artists and many, many more have all made music with legendary producer, engineer and arranger, Bill Halverson.

Whether he is overseeing artist driven music projects or working on film soundtracks, Bill brings his love of music and years of aquired knowledge into the recording studio; adding a depth of experience and sure-handedness rarely found in today's music business.


This website will keep you informed as to the latest in Bill's ongoing adventures


Over the last few years, I've done a number of mixing projects with my good friend, Jack Sundrud. Jack is a life-long working musician, producer and recording engineer. He has also been a member of the iconic Country/Rock band, Poco since 1985.

Jack and I have been talking about combining our audio recording experience & expertise and offering ourselves as a mixing team for hire.

We mix in Digital Performer, but .wav files generated from any digital recording software would be no problem.

We talked about having a price rate, but decided that would be too complicated. There are so many variables in a digital music project that blanket pricing simply wouldn't work.

So - if you would like Jack Sundrud and myself to mix your single, demo, album or whatever sort of audio project you may have, just contact us. We'll listen to it, we'll see what we feel we can offer you - and then we'll make a bid on mixing your project.

Remember, it doesn't hurt to ask..